We Buy Houses Orange County

We Buy Houses Orange County Southern California Cash for Houses Company

Sell your property today to a legitimate local real estate buyer that will pay you cash for your home. We buy all over OC including Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Anaheim. get the facts about selling your home fast for cash. We will come out to your property and show you a BANK STATEMENT to prove we are the direct buyer with no middleman!   Call 626 372 3950 Today and find out why we are Orange Counties top company that buys houses for cash! We Buy Houses Orange County Whether you are facing a divorce, a family situation, you need to sell and move out of town we can help. We have worked in the local SoCal real estate investment market for over 15 years. We know that you need to find out "what is the best option" for me in selling my property. In that we will make a fair market offer online or work with you in selling your home on the market.   In our experience we have worked with sellers under many different circumstances where the stress of the situation can cloud the best options. We are not a high pressure sales team to try to get you to sell your house for a song. There are benefits and drawbacks to selling your home without a realtor, but we can provide some guidelines as to:  
  • How long will it take to sell my home with a realtor?
  • We can close in days and give you a fair market cash offer.
  • What about all the paperwork, property reports, inspection reports, etc ,etc?
  • We take care of the whole process for the home sale. We have bought many real estate properties both residential and commercial and understand all the legal and due diligence that a real estate attorney and transaction coordinator puts together.
  • What if I just want some casual basic information about selling my home?
  • Not a problem, you can call us on the phone anytime and find out all the options. If you do want to meet in person, we come out to your house and have a casual talk, that's it. If you want to get into it further, we will show you a bank statement to prove we are a direct seller to cash buyer company.
  • What risk do I take calling or finding out more?
  • Zero, we really are here to help, its a huge decision and we get it. You can be better informed about, broker fees (on the buyer and seller side). What added costs you may incur selling on the MLS, the time involved and the specifics of your property.
  • What if I live out of state and need a trusted local source to sell my home and not rip me off?
  •  We understand the nature of the "we buy houses scams" that have basically given the property investment business a bad name.
  • We are not some scam home buying company that makes a cash buying offer on your house with "some one else s money".
  • We know that a lot of Craigslist real estate services that offer to buy houses can make sellers feel, uncomfortable as to " who is going to show up to my house"? Our intention as a we buy houses Orange County investment group is to find the best fit for the potential home seller and us.  Call today for a no hassle friendly talk on what are the options best for you.
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