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We buy houses Los Angeles Southern California cash for houses where you can "sell my home fast" in 7 days or less! We are a legitimate investment company that buys homes in any condition for all cash  We are direct cash home buyers that utilize our own direct capital to purchase your property, not a broker, not a middleman, not a franchise. In this we can make a fair marketplace offer on your home without the added cost of the people who market "we buy ugly houses" but are not the true investor. We are DIRECT real estate investors from seller to buyer, that's it! Call us today for a friendly no hassle conversation about your particular situation in selling your home.
Get the facts from us, we are not corporate ego driven investors selling you a high pitch sales lecture. We know in many cases you might be under stress or a difficult situations possibly even facing foreclosure or bankruptcy and need some real legitimate advice.   Whether you sell your house to us or not, we can advise ALL of your options including alternate financing if possible. We have been in the Los Angeles, California real estate sales and finance market for over 20 years. Call 626 372 3950 for friendly no hassle no scam advice and find out if selling your home for fast $ is right for you.

We Buy Houses Locally I Need To Sell My House Fast Now! Call 626 372 3950

If you have been looking into "we buy houses for cash" or "sell my house fast now" and wondering what are your best options? Call us today we have closed sales in 2-7 days. We offer a no hassle, no high wire sales pitch alternative many of the out of state corporate companies that buy houses. We can meet you face to face right here local in the Los Angeles County area if you want to personally, confidentially go over your specific needs. If you are facing foreclosure, need money fast or are dealing with inheritance, family issues or financing issues we can help.     We Buy Houses    

What makes us different from the corporate investor Companies that Buy Homes?

  If you want to talk to someone with decades of  Southern California real estate investment experience without the super sales pitch, we will give it to you straight. Selling your property for cash is not for everyone and you need to know the good the bad and the ugly in the adverts for any "we buy houses" and "sell my house fast" companies. Many of theses companies that buy and sell houses are "franchises". This means they are not the direct buyer but a third party that gets a percentage of the real estate re-sale as a commission. Anyway, if you want to talk to real people" about your situation, we are here to listen to your story. We offer the best terms and rates and are local and super knowledgeable to Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire areas for real estate. If you are looking for companies that buy houses you can avoid the scams by talking to a legitimate Local real estate investment firm that will show you a BANK STATEMENT. Know who you are selling your property to, is it a real person you meet face to face with real credentials or someone with a fast sales pitch.    

 Alternative Financing?

Can you qualify for a financing alternative? Call us, we work with private local hard money lenders that are not on the internet. These are true direct private investors who look at Southern California real estate investments. Whether you are in foreclosure or facing a bankruptcy situation we offer a solution's in how to sell your house without a Realtor, the added fees, costs and potential legal issued that may take time and cost money. There are more transaction coordinator checklist items in the state of California than almost anywhere in America. If there is a way to save your residence from foreclosure, bankruptcy or other financial issues call us now!  

Selling your House without a Realtor

One aspect of selling your property is the aspect of going through the paperwork, time, hassle, fees and due diligence of selling your place with a Realtor or real estate agent. We handle all the transaction coordinator paperwork, the property reports, the NHD, CLUE and all other documents to streamline the process of selling your home fast. Selling your house fast without a Realtor means you can move, get into a new situation and basically get out from payments and or financial difficulties and sell your home for cash now!    
 California Real Estate Home Disclosure Reports
For instance when you need to sell your home fast you need to be aware of the laws involving a natural hazard disclosure statement. If the NHD report say that the house you want to sell fast has environmental issues this can lead to blowback to the seller. And this is just one of the forms you need along with the signing the CLUE report. All of these forms and statements take time to process with the transaction coordinator. We make all of this hassle "go away" by processing ALL the transaction coordinator paperwork in house. This means all you need to do is to talk to us about how we buy houses in Los Angeles and Orange County for cash. Any homes in any ugly condition we will buy direct all cash only.    
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