Selling your Property from Out of State | Selling My Home Fast

  The whole Topsy turvy world of real estate listings, falling prices,market crashes and subsequent rising prices is just the nature of “human nature”. What makes one region a “ better place to live” is a sliding scale of whatever situation you are in. If you are in a financial bind like a foreclosure or bankruptcy your options get limited pretty fast. On the other hand if you have invested wisely you may own a property out of state and now is the best time to sell.   Example: Say you are retired and your kids live on the east coast. You may decide to split the difference and more to Florida with a better tax break than California. The weather is similar (OK they got the hurricanes but we have the earthquakes”. The point is, if you own a property and want to sell out of state there is a simple safe way to get close to the market value of a home without spending the time rehabbing an old property.   If you are at the stage in life where time is more important than money (actually this is true at any age) you may want to “ cash out” and make a quick sale without all the legal, emotional and physical hassles of selling. Are you aware of all the new California real estate laws concerning property disclosures, natural hazard disclosure, CLUE reports and a plethora of other documents? Are you aware of the potential lawsuits to both you and the Realtor in selling a home to a new buyer?   California real estate was never easy but coming to the point where you need a lawyer to potentially sell makes not for a quick getaway to paradise traveling or just back home relaxing. If you are out of state one option is to arrange a cash sale of the property to a licensed real estate investor who will take care of any legalities and waiver any potential problems in the documentation closing process. Piedmont investment company is a local LA house buyer that takes care of selling my Los Angeles house out of state problems fast and easy!

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