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  Whether you are on the west side of LA or out in the inland empire we will buy your property in ANY condition. If you are facing a foreclosure and need some straightforward answers from a licensed real estate professional we can talk to you about all the options on the table. You may qualify for help but if you simply want to sell your house as fast as you can for whatever reason call us today.  

Selling my House Fast for Cash in LA

  If you are in the financial situation where you need to sell your house quickly for cash you need to stop before you start. First have you checked the recent appraisals on the property and talked to your local bank? This may seem so simplistic but many home owners caught in a financial burden, tend to panic (and they should)! However, keeping a cool head is what is going to save you money in the whole debacle. Sell My House Fast Los Angeles

Selling Your House Fast | Stop Foreclosure Information

There are many resources online but don’t get bogged into visiting dozens of websites talking about “ how to sell your home for cash” or “we buy houses for cash” you really want to visit some .gov sites for general assistance and advice first.   You want to find out if there are there any programs, grants, financing assistance just to give you more time. Time will equal making the best choice in selling your home for cash. By defining what is really doable (salvaging a foreclosure) or finding another means of paying the mortgage payments.   If you have hit the wall and you are at the point of really considering selling your home with a Realtor and get on a MLS for local Los Angeles property listings . In order to get the best all cash deal want you might need to wait a long time. It is simply the law of mathematics, if you are in a distressed property, facing foreclosure or legal issues it will take longer with a Realtor. However you can get close to the market value of the home selling to a direct buyer. How is that possible, essentially you are not paying the 6% commission to the Realtor's to sell your home. Conversely, If you go to the largest companies that buy houses you might be dealing with a real estate franchise company. There is no so much anything wrong in that, however, you may not get an offer close enough to the recent appraisal price. The main thing to weigh is realistically how close to the appraisal price am I going to get? Investors typically want to clear 25%-30% on a re-sell of a cash bought home. You are going to have to take a hit but if you can “split the difference’ with the cash lender you may come out alright. There are a multitude of reason why you need to sell your home fast but the main thing to consider is "who am I selling to"? If the (all cash investor) can show you bank statement credentials that you can verify with the buyers bank, you are on the right track.   The next step is the negotiation buy remember the rehab costs on your distressed residential property may greatly affect whatever local market comparable you think the property is worth. In some cases the real estate investor may be looking at a "studs up" property renovation which in essence is like building a new house!
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